The importance of vocabulary for feelings and our gut instinct in decision-making, with Andy Longley

July 10, 2023
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The importance of vocabulary for feelings and our gut instinct in decision-making, with Andy Longley

“So, hearing a company purpose and talking about this, that might sound great, but that may not be what I need to access and understand consciously before I can really give myself to this organisation.

All of these different purposes, even in a great organisation, don’t mean we all share the same thing. That’s the, I think, the hard part with working with purpose and helping teams acknowledge it, is that everyone will have a different one and it’s really hard for an individual to put their finger on what theirs is.

If you can help them do that, then you can find some common ground to create that shared purpose for the team.” 

This episode of the humans at work podcast features a conversation with Andy Longley, founder of Psych-io, a boutique leadership, training, and culture consultancy that brings deep expertise from psychology and neuroscience to help people create engaging, motivational and inspiring environments. 

From working as a performance psychologist the New Zealand Navy, spending a year as a United Nations unarmed peacekeeper in the Middle East, and working with Emirates Airlines as a performance psychologist and coach to both pilots and cockpit teams, Andy has travelled the world supporting leaders and teams to be their best.

Andy is also the co-founder and CEO of the CoachUp Academy, through which he combines his love of sports for sports sake, with applied neuroscience to develop high-performing sports teams.

Andy and I talk about:

  • what it's like to return as an adult and new parent to live in New Zealand
  • the competitive and social aspects of sports teams
  • the diversity of motivation and how it drives people
  • the importance of finding individual purpose rather than relying just on organisational purpose
  • looking beneath the surface at assumptions in decision-making
  • maximising the role your gut plays in decision-making
  • wider vocabulary for emotions to unlock knowledge and awareness – in both leadership and parenting.

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