being yourself and embracing your potential for positive impact

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at humans at work we believe that every individual has the right to live in a world characterised by social equity and environmental regeneration  

we believe in valuing uniqueness, and that by enabling you to connect and collaborate with people with a diverse range of perspectives, we can collectively achieve positive change

  • we want to support you to be your authentic self
  • we want to show you how to play to your strengths
  • we want to enable you to maximise your potential to have a positive impact 

our curiosity about others helps us to understand where we intersect through common emotions, experiences and dreams

here you can find inspiring stories, thought-provoking reflections, and support for growing your unique contribution to a regenerative and equitable future


our collective power for good 


we believe in the power of story-telling, listening and collaborating

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in her podcasts, Jules chats with guests about their careers, their work practices, and how their personalities and early life experiences intersect in the here and now

the only qualification to be a guest is to be human

each podcast also has a graphical recording, beautifully designed for people who visually relate




the blogs focus on key themes that are critical for achieving environmental regeneration and social equity, with ideas and suggestions for how you can participate in a global movement of positive change

Jules shares how own challenges and solutions, and reflects on podcast guests and their contribution

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an inspiration and knowledge hub...



  • our host Jules Harrison-Annear talks to inspiring guests from around the world about their life and work
  • for each podcast we produce a beautiful graphic recording of the story, and full transcript to support true accessibility


  • Jules' blogs make you think, give you time to reflect, and promote individual and systemic innovation
  • Jules dives into key themes and shares emerging ideas for achieving positive environmental and social equity 


  • book Jules to speak at your event, facilitate your strategy session, participate in your panel or podcast
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The flowchart starts with podcast where the sharing of insights are done.
Second part of the flowchart with blog wherein key themes from the podcast are being reflected.
Third and last part of the flowchart wherein key themes are integrated into modules, consultancy, and group sessions.

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at humans at work, we aim to showcase what makes every human beautifully unique

we hope everyone can take some time and space for themselves, and by doing so, make a difference to how they can use their work to deliver meaningful and positive impacts for others

follow our founder Jules Harrison-Annear on LinkedIn for thought leadership and social commentary 

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Toitū net carbonzero certified

humans at work has attained the Toitū net carbonzero certification, marking a significant milestone in our sustainability journey. through diligent effort and careful operational and work delivery design, we've not only met but exceeded the mandatory emissions standards set by Toitū, ensuring our operations are carbon-neutral. this certification underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship, demonstrating our proactive approach towards combating climate change and setting an example for businesses striving for sustainability.

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jha consulting


jha consulting is Jules’ other job…working with a team of amazing people who support organisations and leaders to take a 7 generations perspective to systemic transformation

jha consulting is a boutique management consulting company that operates entirely virtually, and which learns from nature-based models to provide bespoke strategy, operating model and organisation design services around the world


contact jha consulting if you'd like something different from the usual consulting experience, and you want your organisation to be fit for a regenerative and equitable future

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featured course

matching values to action: ethical and sustainable leadership image

this course will guide you to create an actionable plan that will enrich your strategy, integrate into your organisation’s views of the world, and create the culture you want for the people you work with 

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